BookMeBus to donate to elephant conservation


BookMeBus – helping you book buses in Cambodia

BookMeBus aims to provide travelers and operators with cost-effective means of making travel bookings at every corner.  It is one of the leading bus ticket booking systems in Cambodia.  It has a great selection of bus and minivan companies covering the major routes inside Cambodia and to neighbouring countries.  Not only will it help you get to the Mondulkiri Project but lots of other great destinations within Cambodia.

BookMeBus was founded by Cambodian Langda Chen  He was inspired to create an online ticketing portal that initially displayed the bus companies’ departure schedules and other information.

As his idea grew, it now allows passengers both local and international to search for routes, and book bus tickets. A variety of payment options are now available.  Passengers who book bus tickets via Book Me Bus have the advantage of using e-tickets and m-tickets.

As BookMeBus continues to grow, more and more bus companies are looking to support the start-up and work together in providing the best travel experience that travelers can hope for, which all starts with purchasing the bus tickets.

BooMeBus helps you arrange your minivan transport to Mondulkiri to visit the Mondulkiri Project Elephant Sanctuary.

There are 3 minivan companies listed on BookMeBus that travel twice daily between Phnom Penh and Mondulkiri.  If you are travelling from locations including Sihanoukville, Battambang, Kampot, Kep and Siem Reap you will first have to catch a morning minivan to Phnom Penh and then an afternoon minivan to Mondulkiri.

  • Siem Reap > Phnom Penh > Mondulkiri
  • Siem Reap > Mondulkiri
  • Sihanoukville > Phnom Penh > Mondulkiri
  • Kampot > Phnom Penh > Mondulkiri
  • Kep > Phnom Penh > Mondulkiri
  • Battambang > Phnom Penh > Mondulkiri
  • Phnom Penh > Mondulkiri


If you click on this link to book your ticket on the BookMeBus website $1 will be donated to the Mondulkiri Project for elephant rescue and rehabilitation.