How to get from Kratie to Sen Monorom

How to get from Sen Monorom to Kratie

After your visit to Kratie you might want to swap dolphins for elephants and travel by minivan from Kratie to Sen Monorom.

There is a local minivan that travels from Kratie to Sen Monorom every morning between 7.30am and 8.30am.  It costs around $6.

It is not possible to book this minivan online.   Your guesthouse in Kratie should be able to book this for you.  If you are lucky the minivan will pick you up from your guesthouse.

It is a local minivan so please be prepared for lots of stops.  It might also get crowded because locals might bring all kinds of interesting things onboard.

The trip should take between 3 to 4 hours.

Sen Monorom is the town you stay in before you visit the Mondulkiri Project.  Their one day tour is a day spent visiting the 5 elephants living at their sanctuary.  Their unique two day tour also includes an overnight stay in their Jungle Lodge and an 18km jungle trek to visit waterfalls and a cave.

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