Our latest crowdfund: Please help our sanctuary survive COVID-19

In March of this year COVID-19 started to spread around the world.

Cambodia’s borders were closed

No tourists were able to visit us.

We lost our only source income.

This week  we have launched a crowdfund campaign.


It costs a lot of money to care for our elephants and to preserve their jungle habitat. We need to pay our mahouts (elephant caretakers) who ensure the safety and health of our elephants. We need to continue to rent our forest to save the wildlife there by stopping logging operations.

Our fixed costs are $3,000 a month.

If we could raise $18,000 this would help to support our operations for the rest of the year.

Without donations from the global community, we cannot survive as an elephant sanctuary. We cannot contemplate what will happen to our elephants.

COVID-19 affects us all………worldwide people have lost their lives, lost their jobs, lost their sense of certainty about the future.

However, we are reaching out to those of you in the world that might be able to help us …… by donating to this crowdfund campaign.

Please help our sanctuary…our elephants, our mahouts, our staff and our forests so that they will survive until tourism returns to Cambodia. We highly appreciate all donations, big or small, or if you can, please share this crowd fund to all your Facebook friends.

You can donate via PayPal or debit/credit card directly through this site.

Together we can ensure the future of the Mondulkiri Project elephant sanctuary.

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