Sen Monorom

Sen Monorom

Sen Monorom is the largest city and tourist capital of the province of Mondulkiri. It is located 370km east of Phnom Penh and 529km south east of Siem Reap. Sen Monorom is sometimes referred to as the Switzerland of Cambodia due to its forests and lakes. At an elevation of 733 metres above sea level it has the coolest climate in all of Cambodia and is an ideal place to escape the heat of South East Asia.

Sen Monorom is home to the Bunong people, an ethnic group that practices animism and have traditionally lived a subsistence life with small farms located in the forest. Today they can be seen at the local markets selling fruits and vegetables harvested from the jungle..

Sen Monorom has some of the best coffee in Cambodia, and several fruits not found anywhere else in the country. The Sour-Sop, or tiab-barang has a sour profile, but is sweet enough. It can taste like a combination of pineapple, banana and papaya. It might become your favourite fruit. Avocados are also grown in this area.

The main reason to visit Sen Monorom is to go to the Mondulkiri Project, the number one elephant sanctuary in town. They offer one and two day tours. Founded by Mr Tree in 2013, it is Cambodia’s first elephant sanctuary to be managed and staffed by Cambodians. Their five rescued elephants live a happy and healthy life a twenty minute drive from town.

The province of Mondulkiri also has Cambodia’s most famous waterfall. Bou Sra is 45km Northeast of Sen Monorom. It has three drops and is very impressive during the rainy season. There is also a zipline nearby.

Other things to do in the area include visiting the sea forest for lovely views of the landscape, visit minority villages, or visit a coffee plantation.

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