Travel from Kep to Mondulkiri

Travel from Kep to Mondulkiri

Travel from Kep to Mondulkiri can easily be done in one day using two minivans with a change at Phnom Penh.

We recommend you use the Champa Mekong minivan service to travel from Kep to Mondulkiri because they leave the earliest.

Champa Mekong departs Kep at 7.30am and arrives in Phnom Penh around 11am.

Minivans departs Phnom Penh at 1pm or 1.30pm and you will arrive in Mondulkiri around 7pm.  

To book these trips online please click on this link.

Alternatively your guesthouse in Kep may be able to book your minivan from Kep to Phnom Penh.  Make sure they book one in the early morning.

Before you depart from Kep to Sen Monorom we recommend you book a one or two day elephant tour at the award winning Mondulkiri Project.

Click on this link to go to the home page of their website

The Mondulkiri Project’s one day elephant tour is a day visit to their elephant sanctuary to feed and walk with their 5 rescued elephants.  In the afternoon you will get the opportunity to swim at their waterfall and wash three elephants there.  Lunch is provided at their lodge in the jungle.  Tour price is $50usd.

The Mondulkiri Project’s two day elephant tour is their most popular tour.  One day is a visit to their elephant sanctuary to spend time with their 5 elephants as mentioned above.  Next it is time to try some hill tribe food for dinner, cooked  in a piece of bamboo over an open fire.  Rice wine for dessert and then sleeping in comfortable hammocks in their Jungle Lodge.  Day two is an 18km jungle trek with an expert hill tribe guide to visit waterfalls and a cave.  Four meals and accommodation is included in the tour price of $80usd

We hope to meet you soon.

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Mondulkiri Tourism

Mondulkiri tourism provides you with the opportunity to escape from the heat and crowds at Angkor Wat and the traffic and noise of the capital

Sen Monorom

Sen Monorom

Sen Monorom is the largest city and tourist capital of the province of Mondulkiri. It is located 370km east of Phnom Penh and 529km south

Our Jungle Lodge

Our Jungle Lodge

Our Jungle Lodge is located at our elephant sanctuary, about a 20 minute drive from  Sen Monorom.  The Jungle Lodge is used for welcome talks,

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