Sponsor an Elephant

Monthly Sponsorship is a great way to help us look after the long term needs of one of the beautiful elephants living at our sanctuary. Any sponsorship amount will be a huge help to us.

Your monthly sponsorship money will:

  • Support the wages of the elephant’s mahout
  • Provide any veterinary care required
  • Rent the land that our sanctuary is located on

As soon as you become an elephant’s sponsor, you will be able to download a Sponsoring Certificate bearing your name and the elephant’s.

Your name will also be added to our website under the elephant you are sponsoring.

Thank you very much for your kind support!

These beautiful Elephants need your help!

Sponsor an elephant from our herd to help make a difference

Profile of a Sponsor

Who: Rick & Lucy Shanahan, Manchester, United Kingdom
What: $25 per month
Why: “We visited the Mondulkiri Project in January 2019 and fell in love with elephants, the scenery, the other wildlife, and of course, the people! We hadn’t realised the extent of the work Mr Tree does in the area. It’s not just about saving elephants from the tourist trade and safeguarding the Asian Elephant for generations to come (although this would be enough in itself) It’s the wider reach the organisation has that is truly incredible. From employing local mahouts and chefs, to supporting local tribes and villagers with little or no income, providing much needed food and resources”.

“The Mondulkiri Project also endeavours to preserve the rainforest and to protect it from logging by renting it from the local tribes. The Project is only able to do this through the tourist trade, people like you and us, who wish to visit the area and meet the elephants”.

“Having met Mr Tree, his family, and his elephants, I only wish I could contribute more to this fantastic cause. Mr Tree restored my faith in humanity. There is good in the world, and at this moment in time we need reminding of this. I support the Mondulkiri Project because I hope to return to the province one day, and above all else, it is also the right thing to do”.

Best wishes

We use PayPal to process your monthly sponsorship payments. You may chose to opt out of your sponsorship payments at any time. If a “once off donation” or a “yearly donation” is better for you, please visit our Donations Page.