Our Tours

One and two day Elephant Adventure and Jungle trekking tours within the Mondulkiri Project give you the opportunity to experience a beautiful jungle a short drive away from Sen Monorom.  Wild rivers, waterfalls, swimming holes, elephants, wild animals and birds are all waiting for you.

On our tours you will get to feed our elephants and follow them as they walk through the forest eating bamboo.  A highlight of your tour will be swimming at a waterfall and helping to wash our elephants there.  We do not allow tourists or our mahouts to ride the elephants or sit on them when they are being washed.

The elephants at our Sanctuary spend all their time in our protected forest.  They will never again have tourists riding on seats on their backs or be used for heavy farm work.  Some locals offer cheaper tours but only rent elephants on the days when there are customers.  Unfortunately these elephants are also still used for elephant rides.

Our elephant tours are lead by an english speaking guide who has extensive knowledge about the elephants you will see and the traditions and customs of the hill tribe people who live within the forests.  We only employ Bunong guides for our overnight jungle tours.   They are experts at living in the jungle.  

It is also possible to only do our one day jungle trek (Cost $35 per person)

You will need to be in Sen Monorom the night before your visit date as we meet in town at 8.20am.  Our tours finish around 4.30pm.  

** We try our best to stop the logging and land clearing which is happening close to our sanctuary.  It is not easy for us.  Logging is a huge problem in Cambodia, and you will see this first hand on our jungle trek.  *

Elephant Adventure Tour

Feed, walk with and wash our elephants at our Sanctuary


1 Day

Walk with and feed the elephants in the jungle (no elephant riding)

Swim with and wash elephants at the waterfall

Cooked Lunch & Drinking Water Provided

Relax in Hammocks at our Jungle Lodge

Tour runs 7 days a week.
Departing from Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri at 8:30am.
Bookings Essential (maximum 20 people on tour).

Elephant & Jungle Trek Tour

One-Day Elephant Tour + Jungle Lodge + 18km Jungle Trek


2 Days / 1 Night

Walk with, feed, swim with and wash elephants in the jungle

Jungle Lodge campfire with traditional hill tribe cooking & rice wine

Sleep in the Mondulkiri Project's Jungle Lodge

Full day trek with hill tribe guide to visit waterfalls and a cave

Tour runs 7 days a week.
Departing from Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri at 8:30am.
Bookings Essential (maximum 20 people on tour).

Getting to Mondulkiri

Mondulkiri is a great place to visit during your holiday in Cambodia.  The Mondulkiri Project is located close to Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri.  Sen Monorom is 370km east of Phnom Penh at an altitude of 800m above sea level.

Travelling to Sen Monorom whilst on holiday in Cambodia is easy now that the road has been paved.  Transport options include bus, minivan, private taxi, shared taxi and car rental