Where your money goes?

Your trekking money goes towards renting the forest you will visit for the next thirty years. This prevents logging and habitat destruction in this area. No other treks you will book in Sen Monorom rent a forest from the Bunong hill tribe people.

So you will be helping to conserve a forest, which is now providing economically and ecologically sustainable income for the local elephant owners and Bunong people. We pay monthly wages, pay medical bills and provide food for our Bunong guides and mahouts and their families.

Most of our money goes to buying elephants so they can live a long and happy life. We also rent elephants from some owners to keep these elephants in our sanctuary. The elephants you will see at the Mondulkiri Project are now protected and no longer used for elephant rides or heavy farm work.

We also donate money to support the protection of the wild elephant population in the nearby Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary.