mr-tree-welcomeWelcome to the Mondulkiri Project.

My name is Mr Tree.  I have signed an agreement with Bunong indigenous elders to rent a large area of forest close to Sen Monorom to protect it from logging. This area is now an award winning elephant sanctuary.  I hope you will come and visit the 5 elephants living at the Mondulkiri Project.  We offer one and two day elephant tours.

Unlike other nearby sanctuaries the Mondulkiri Project is not owned by a foreigner.  We empower locals by providing them with jobs at our sanctuary.   We do not believe in having Western tour guides or Western volunteers taking paid work opportunities away from locals.

We are a registered Cambodian NGO.  Your tour money is used to protect forests for our elephant sanctuary.  Money is also used to buy and rent elephants so they can live at our sanctuary and be kept away from elephant rides and heavy farm work.  Our NGO also funds wild elephant protection and supports the local Bunong hill tribes with employment, medicine and food donations.